I want to write about a thing, but I think I'm waiting until tomorrow?

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someone please:

1. make "enby" into a verb

2. enby the heck out of me

Men and their goddamn penises 

Men and their goddamn penises/lewd AF 

Men and their goddamn penises 

Men and their goddamn penises 

Men and their goddamn penises 

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Collaboration | boost+ 

Lewd / sex 

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Call out post, to my destructive ex 

So I'm thinking I don't want to be nice tomorrow if he gets back in touch...

Because this kind of radio silence bullshit is not welcome.

Maybe it's just a Big Mood. :blobhyperthink:

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Monogamous dating: can't flirt because you let the other person believe that you're available

Poly dating: flirt extra hard and then introduce girls to your gf and her gf and have a cuddle puddle

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I hope trans people of color are getting the respect they deserve.

The interesting thing about finding those old texts, is the realization that the Bonny then and now have completely different voices.
That said, I haven't actually put a lot of thought into my current voice yet, but I probably should, shouldn't I?

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A Tinder ONS? / sex 

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A Tinder ONS? 

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