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Submissive goals, ws mention 

Get somebody with shy bladder to pee while you are in the same room.

Bonus points if they can manage to pee ON you.

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Oh, I can only pin my toots that are not followers-only.

That kinda blows.

You know what is actually kind of inspiring? Dan Avidan just up and decided one day that his stage persona would be this sex icon, right? And then his stage persona was a sex icon.

Very mild TMI 

Tired, and stiff in more ways than one.

Honestly, if having sex isn't fun and lighthearted, why even bother?

Subtooting something that I saw on my other account 

There are popular AD accounts on this site???

This ain't even all that lewd but tummy rubs are absolutely the best! They just feel especially good on me right now. |3

Always remember that sex (and, when applicable, orgasms) is merely a means, not an end. The end is that one's own partners, one's own lovers, feel a cornucopia of positive emotions about and with themselves and their bodies. It is the relief, the release, the relaxation, and dare I say it, even the recreation.

Sex is but one tool of many to achieve our desired ends, not a goal to pursue in and of itself.

Just a slow day full of wild fantasies and swooning from said wild fantasies. :blobcatmelt:

legitimately did not believe it could be done, but it appears that someone wrote a clear, substantive, accurate article about VPNs without fear-mongering or shitting on non-network-engineers

Today in entomology: Æ. ægypti mosquitoes feed and mate less when this Skrillex track is on. ("The study did not examine the effects of the Skrillex song on nearby humans.")


Perhaps it's for the best. Going back through my userpage it is apparent that sexuality and libido makes one as repetitive as a broken record. "You know what's hot? One of the things I said was hot the last three times."

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Oh, I can only pin my toots that are not followers-only.

That kinda blows.

Please just hire someone to check your new logo design specifically for accidental dicks and swastikas

Henry Ford's antisemitism, censorship 

It appears that #JackOReilly, the mayor of #Dearborn #Michigan, has fired city-funded magazine #DearbornHistorian's editor #BillMcGraw for publishing a story about #HenryFord's #antisemitism. O'Reilly has also forbidden the magazine from being mailed to subscribers. It would be TERRIBLE, wouldn't it, if the story Mayor O'Reilly doesn't want you to read were available online and spread far and wide? #censorship #history

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