transcuriosity, social pressure 

I guess one big limiting factor in me exploring this stuff is that I still live with my family and I gotta avoid freaking them out... I really want to go full femboy but I get funny looks for wearing a goddamn pink jumper >.<
ig this whole trans thought is a push back against that, I don't really want to switch... just want to explore fem damnit


transcuriosity, social pressure 

@quarkafterdark it's also perfectly valid not to choose between the binary man / woman picks.

I'm genderfluid, by definition my presentation is performative and depends on how I feel that specific day / hour. I can wear fem apparel and wear makeup one day, and go full boy drag the next.

transcuriosity, social pressure 

@alex Hm, that's not a bad way to go about it. Might end up doing something like that once I get a bit more freedom...

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