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I apologize for failing to put descriptions on my last couple picture posts. Between those and CWs, I really am trying.
Love y'all

Once there was a promising young technomancer who abandoned all of his principles and collected everyone's data. He told them it was safe with him, and in time they believed him.

Over time the technomancer realized he had amassed so much information that he became mightier than even the leaders of the world, but his greed and desire for wealth kept him from noticing.

He began to sell his influence to these leaders and got them hooked on his data.

They used it solve crimes, and they used it protect the endangered, and they used it to detect who would likely do crime, and they used it to keep the people divided, and they used it to topple one another's nations.

All the while making the no longer young technomancer even more powerful and wealthy.

The prophecy says that the Technomancer will try to destroy those who oppose him. But the agents of the wires will bring him to his knees by rebuilding what was lost.

The fact that memes are constantly produced without financial incentive serves to refute the revisionist myth that innovation only happens became of capitalism

Hands up if you're gay enough to dream about your girlfriends

I should not be expected to act in a civil way towards someone who is behaving unethically in an unethical society

"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

Friendly reminder: Brands and businesses are not your friends.

If you are on for ANY reason other than that you love Noelle, please consider moving. Smaller instances have less strain, fewer technical problems, more moderators per user, and most importantly, less hog posting.

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maybe i should go to bed and quit trying to figure out a simple solution to openid stuff.

Copper advantage over fiber: More forgiving when it comes to being bent.

The amount of clout a programmers union would wield is just fucking incredible. Stop fucking around like just because you get a lopsided paycheque the rest of us won't ever see things are somehow ok. They aren't.

Organize a union.
Help fix this mess.

Reminder: every Mastodon instance is run by a human being and administered by a small group of human beings (and that small group may number 1). Attacking an instance means attacking the person who runs it.

This reminder is especially relevant if you're a mastodon admin. You don't get to pretend that other instances are monoliths when you know that your own isn't.

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have you hugged your sysadmins today?
(transparency note: v.c has no cisadmins)

with my whole heart, i pronounce the following:


that is all.

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  1. obsolete : evil, wicked
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