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I finally got the DC up but it's bullshit because I can't use the fucking BIND9 backend??? every time i try to configure it it doesn't work??? i'm beyond frustrated, i need multiple zones dammit!

fuck. At some point this poor keyboard is gonna give out. i'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has, because fuuuuck do i abuse it. especially the enter key when i'm tired and frustrated. like tonight!

this is now my *fourth* time building this fucking machine from scratch. i'm so tired.

fucking dammit.
I've now built the domain controller twice. Both times, after getting it provisioned and everything, all of a sudden I cannot log into the machine no matter what I do. This is such bullshit and I'm way too tired for this fuckery.

An important reminder from the Anarchist Federation (

sometimes, self care is Not “treating yourself”

sometimes self care means saving your money or energy or time

don’t let capitalism fool you into thinking you have to buy things to feel better / that it’s the only way to care for yourself

Fuck Steven Seagal as a person, but. I spent eleven years studying Aikido and honestly his martial arts work is impressive.

Y'know, I was talking with some of my girlfriends today and I think I might be polyamorous?


Hah. FreeNAS hard drives are now stowed in a secure thing, instead of just sitting on the bench. Next stop: iSCSI, SMB shares, and then Samba AD! And sometime in the next few minutes, a video date with one of my partners!!

periodic reminder:

If being a "good" catte (or hoomin, system, other aminal, whatever!)

feels too difficult right now,

just be an okay catte.

you got this.

... Wait. I can use freenas as a backup DC? holy shit

It's nice to be making progress, even if it is now 0518 and I'm having to decide if it's time to go to bed or if I'm gonna stay up and drag my spouse up for breakfast.

I have no idea what the fuck happened, but FreeNAS is now functional. *fuck* yes. Now I just need to... make my setup a little less.... risky.

.... this motherboard *isn't* base UEFI? Well I lucked out. Except I have to try again with that FreeNAS install...

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