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little posting, pokemon 

kid: *drinks a fuckton of pickle juice*
me: that kid's trans

little posting 


---, need 

mh ----- 

mh --- 



kink, sex 

Everyone who is interested, I'm working on what is going to be integrated into the 2.0 set. At the moment, I have various kink flags, plus the queer flag. If anyone has ideas on a replacement for the lesbian flag (one that *wasn't* created and use by a racist, and preferably not just aimed at lipstick lesbians), I'd appreciate the input! Also, if there are any other flags you'd like to see integrated, please send me a DM or reply here! If you can include a source for the flag, that's also good!

mh -, lewd 

Hi everyone! I just finished creating a set of queer pride emojis, and am happy to announce the Queer Flags and Hearts Emoji Set v1.0. It can be downloaded here: ! Lemme know what you think, and if you like it, please consider donating to me!

reeeeeally fucking lewd 

this is so lewd y'all 

this is so lewd y'all 

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