anyway it turns out that automatic dispensers designed for contact free hand sanitizer... are perfect for lube. No fumbling with the bottle having trouble getting it open because your hands are slick but not *enough* for other purposes

just in case anyone needed this information

my favorite joke (lewd/kink adjacent) 

everybody i tell this to in person laughs and then sighs sadly because there's never enough tops

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my favorite joke (lewd/kink adjacent) 

"Hey do you wanna come to the new gay bar with me? It's only ten minutes away. Twelve, tops"

"Twelve tops? Let's go!"

lewd thoughts 

i have a tail (plug) that matches this hat and I'm working from home today... tempted to wear the set


also fwiw anything i post that sounds like an invitation probably is

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in addition, nearly any sort of interaction is welcome, including unsolicited flirting, or dms even if we've never or rarely interacted.

i am sometimes too sub to function, but direct unsolicited roleplay topping/domming me should still start with "*may i* do x to you" rather than just Assuming I'm interested in that dynamic (at all or at the moment) but that's really the only limit.

I'm here to make friends and overshare. Come be my friend :)

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kink, petplay 

just wanna be a pet. sit on the floor with my head in your lap getting scritches and praise just for existing and being cute

I can be a well trained pet too, getting things for you, showing off on command...


heyyy I'm Kirby

I've got a presence elsewhere on the fediverse but on a relatively sfw instance. It seemed like it was time for an after dark account and lewd.town seems like a good instance for that. not yet sure if I'll connect my accounts publicly tbh but if we interact regularly feel free to dm and ask for it

about me: mid-20s, queer as hell, polyam, ace but open to flirting, extremely kinky... also very open to making new friends

maybe dragon? more roleplay than kin though

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