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sexuality thoughts 

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From twitter.com/LockPickingLwyr/st:

"The company that sent me the pictured fingerprint lock has provided the security quote of the year: “...the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver.”"

lewd, mentions penises 

A question to lewd.town: should we be posting more nudes?

Maybe this one is more appropriate, since there's no genitalia or nipples showing up




The other day, I decide to delete all my porn from my computer and external drive and decided to take a look

It didn't arouse me anymore


Quitting porn has been a huge success so far. I don't really miss it too much, my libido hasn't dropped apparently


Hey, do we need to add a cw to the stuff we post to this instance? It's a nsfw instance so I'm not sure

Welp... it seems I _was_ very horny because I masturbated twice in a row this morning -- without seeing any porn.

No idea why, though

I logged in rn because I've gotten a super boner out of the blue, but I'm not at home rn and can't masturbate, so I decided to kinda vent here about my raging boner

seems like the appropriate place

it feels a bit empty over here


Lewd Town

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  1. obsolete : evil, wicked
    1. sexually unchaste or licentious
    2. obscene, vulgar

A moderated instance targeted for lewd and naughty profiles ;)

18+ only.