It's been a while I posted anything here, so here's some legs at bedtime.

Explicit writing, memories, fluids 

I remember one time in a hot summer day, me and a partner we were horny as fuck, fucking and sweating profusedly, she was so wet, and she started to lick the sweat out of me. None of us had a thing for sweat, but it was so hot 🔥

We both came hard and this memory comes back on days like this, when I'm sweating while I exercise.

Resting my legs after a day biking and getting ready for some more

(Image cw underwear and suggestive)

Last one from the shower session, a little bit more explicit than the previous ones.

Image CW for genitals, nudity

One more from this morning, different place, different light, wet. 💦

Image cw for nudity

This morning I tried a couple of different places in the house, while the light was good.

This one I think it's quite nice 😈

Image cw for full body nudity, implied lewd

This one is also from yesterday. A little more ass 🙊
Pic cw for nudity!

From last night, taking some pics and seeing what sticks. I like this one ☺️
Picture cw for: suggestive nudity

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