@bedtimedrillsgt You need to go into instances.social and check that you're correctly listed there, joinmastodon uses their list :)

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@Mirrored_Realm any in which sense? Anything that's not against the rules, which means not illegal and it has to yours to post :)

Added some emojis from masto.donte here. If you miss any, let me know :blobcoffee:

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Okay, peeps! lewd.town is live!

There will be some days until I adjust the bits and pieces, but it should be working now :)

You can follow me there at @lewdmin :)

Lewd Town

Wondering what Mastodon or an instance is? Check out https://joinmastodon.org!


  1. obsolete : evil, wicked
    1. sexually unchaste or licentious
    2. obscene, vulgar

A moderated instance targeted for lewd and naughty profiles ;)

18+ only.