Last one from the shower session, a little bit more explicit than the previous ones.

Image CW for genitals, nudity

One more from this morning, different place, different light, wet. 💦

Image cw for nudity

@brenno @apropriagui No perfil do donte não, mas no daqui os TdMs duram pra seeeempre ahahah xD

@thyago Pô, pedalo sempre pra manter né, essas pernocas são meu tesouro ahahha

This morning I tried a couple of different places in the house, while the light was good.

This one I think it's quite nice 😈

Image cw for full body nudity, implied lewd

This one is also from yesterday. A little more ass 🙊
Pic cw for nudity!

Boosts on public posts are fine unless otherwise stated! :boost_ok:

From last night, taking some pics and seeing what sticks. I like this one ☺️
Picture cw for: suggestive nudity

The mood is: private lewd, and yet, kind of on (wanting to be on) main.

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nsfw question 

Hi #fediverse , could you recommend some instances where to look for #gay #lewds and #nsfw?

I would like to find more kinky fellows to share #voyeurism and #exhibitionsim fun.

Would be much better if it's gay only.

Thanks for your help, retoot / boost.

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Sexy content: facials 

The very act of writing this post took my brain to a very facial-focused place from which it may be impossible to escape until I've had one...

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CW discourse / "lewd-nude" 

Hi. Please CW your nude images with more than "lewd" please.

I've had to take some double takes in the past few days, because I've read the CW, clicked through and been like, "did I read that wrong, I'm sure this isn't what I consented to view"

If there's genitals front and forward, please indicate such.

Toy talk, masturbation, ass play 

Bae is out of town this week and I'm horny and crawling up the wall.

Yesterday I've charged my Lelo Hugo and played a bit before sleeping to try and chill a bit. Didn't work that much, still very much turned on :rainblob:

Suspicious Profile / Cissexism, probably Nazi ("alt right") 

@thing Blocking over here instance-wide, thanks for the tip :) hope your kitty gets better soon ♥ I know how it feels!

@bedtimedrillsgt You need to go into and check that you're correctly listed there, joinmastodon uses their list :)

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