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lewd introduction 

hi, it me, lewd emby whomst want to be a sexy transfemme and will suck your dick if you're nice to me and not, like, a bad person

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note: i don't do lewd rp. if i make a post cw'd "suggestion", it expresses what i'd like to someday happen in real life.

a bit of wholesome rp is okay, though ^_^

lewd ask 

heard it's a risky move, but here i go.

send nudes and i'll tell you whether i want to give you head or really want it ^_^

lewd goals 

being a cute transfemme enby slut who's proud of their bits, likes to show them off on main and will do (or be done by, or be friends with) anyone who's not a jerk or a bigot

just have a single 18+ microblog where i talk about linux, make games _and_ post dick

from twitter, probably lewd 

imagine being sexy enough to not need pants

lewd mood 

y'all are cuties and i want to give you head :-p

lewd mood 

cuties with boners,,,, <3

bottom surgery mood 

don't wanna get rid of dick, but maybe wanna get a neovag?

imagine being a universal adaptor for all of my friends' desires

from twitter, probably lewd 

RT @baby_daddyrey

if you . ♡
♡ think °. ♡
. +
that . ✵ ♡

♡ ✧ being kind ♡
° . ♡ is
° ♡
hot as fuck ♡ °

° ♡ retweet this ♡


from twitter, probably lewd 

updated twitter bio

old: (18+ only) lewd person of indeterminate gender

new: (18+ only) lewd person of indeterminate gender • shy slut who wants to hug, kiss, succ and licc cuties (probably even including you!) • trans rights

lewd relationship mood 

giving head as an important part of establishing trust with someone you want to befriend

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lewd mood, story idea 

guy tells someone to suck his dick. the other person unexpectedly agrees. after a weird argument, the other person actually gives head to the guy. this happens several times during different conversations. the two people gradually become friends and reconcile their differences. the blowjobs become almost a daily occurrence.

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lewd mood 

kinda disappointing that in most cases when people say "suck my dick!", they're being rude and not actually making the offer

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lewd mood 

is there such a thing as table_bottom_ games, and does discreetly giving head to a cutie while they're at their desk count as one

unrealistic kink (hyper) 

imagine: an otherwise regular-sized person with a penis so large, i can give it a hug

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