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note: i don't do lewd rp. if i make a post cw'd "suggestion", it expresses what i'd like to someday happen in real life.

a bit of wholesome rp is okay, though ^_^

from twitter, probably lewd 

what if: being a lewd transfemme who constantly wants to make and post lewd pics and who keeps offering people to succ/licc them off

from twitter, probably lewd 

wanna succ some diccs or licc some cooches underneath a table

from twitter, probably lewd 

what if: i start a conversation with you, but eventually i run out of things to say, so i just get down on my knees, open my mouth and let you do whatever

from twitter, probably lewd 

i have two moods:

* horny

* not horny, but will give you head or a handie at any moment if you ask nicely

gender/lewd mood 

maybe it's a good thing i'm not a sexy-looking transfemme enby, because if i were, i'd probably be unable to resist making and posting nudes of myself whenever i can

lewd thought/mood 

kinda weird: thinking "i'd willingly let them do anything to me the moment they ask" about people i know online

very weird: thinking the same about people with whom i currently hang out in real life right now

from twitter, probably lewd 

someone should stick some dicks in me

even better if they're also cute and lovely <3

lewd reference to an old meme 

😳what if we kissed, and then i sucked your dick😳
(and we were both girls)

from twitter, probably lewd 

girl dick
also enby dick
and why not guy dick as well

from twitter, probably lewd 

what if: wearing a collar of some sorts that detects how much affection and horniness i feel at the moment and displays it with, like, leds or something

from twitter, probably lewd 

how to make me succ your dicc / licc your cooch:

* don't be a jerk or a bigot
* respect trans and enby people
* be nice to me
* ask nicely
* also be in a place where i can actually visit you irl :-(

from twitter, probably lewd 

how to get head from me, in 3 easy steps:

1. not be a jerk or a bigot
2. not have any sexually-transmitted diseases
3. ask me

(offer sadly limited by geography)

*annoyed customer voice* just tell me, whose dick i have to suck here just so i could give a proper blowjob?

gender mood: lewd transfemmes are the best and i wanna hang out with one and sometimes also be one?

testing the twitter-to-masto crossposter

gender, mood, politics kinda 

goals: to present in a way where as many people as possible look at me and instantly think:
* they are hot
* they have a dick
* they will do lewd things to me if i ask nicely

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gender, mood, politics kinda 

can we finally have a society where transition is accessible for all who want it and trans and nonbinary people aren't discriminated against so that i can turn into a femme enby slut whomst doesn't tuck?

lewd gender mood p3 

tertiary goals: having previously-confused cis people come to me for answers and also become trans and/or nonbinary?

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