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wanna be a cute enby, (provided consent) give head to cuties, give hugs to asexual cuties, be friends with aromantic cuties.

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note: i don't do lewd rp. if i make a post cw'd "suggestion", it expresses what i'd like to someday happen in real life.

a bit of wholesome rp is okay, though ^_^

gender mood, fetish thought 

as much as i like the concept of people breaking out of their assigned gender, i also strongly dislike "forced feminization" media...

semi-lewd mood 

that feeling when i'm not hornt enough to give anyone head, but i would love to give their dick or cooch a kiss as a casual friendly greeting

i should really figure out a proper way to shade the characters i draw without just trying to imitate the references

bad lewd joke 

rebels 🤝 plural bottoms
fuck the system

lewd pixel art, boobs (kinda) 

haven't picked a name for this character, but they're okay with any pronouns other than he/him

lewd pixel art, boobs, genitals 

the penultimate image in sam's adult mahjong game (if you beat the secret final stage, sam leaves you their phone number.)

lewd mood 

what if: me giving you head every morning because of how much i appreciate you as a person

also what if: me giving you head whenever you feel like it when we hang out as if it's nothing special

lewd pixel art worldbuilding 

this was a shocking discovery for alpha's designers. however, as in all other ways the experiment was a success, they decided not to terminate them and grant the robot independence. now alpha mostly hangs out with a crew of rebels and hackers, where they learn about the nature of injustice, design helpful machines and tools, and provide aid to people who are oppressed by the mega-corporations.

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lewd pixel art, robots, genitals, tentacles 

an early a.i.-powered humanoid robot, alpha (it/they) was designed to learn about humanity and improve itself to help people. however, alpha's definition of "help" ended up not being what the creators intended...

too tired for lewd thoughts, but still wanna be supportive of all of you <3

lewd gender mood 

can't figure out what exactly i want to be because all of you are so different, but also so hot <3

RT @Darktransgirl

Psst. Butch trans girls are just as valid and hot as femme trans girls. Pass it on.


lewd mood, addressing reader 

if you're a friend of mine, you are absolutely welcome to use me while i'm asleep, just, like, warn me beforehand or leave me a note or something so i know it's you

another non-lewd image of sam as an adult mahjong video game character.

if you can see this, i probably want to give you one or more smooches in a place of your choice <3

lewd gender mood 

wanna be a shamelessly slutty emby who wears nice skirts and dresses and stuff that all somehow completely fail to hide how my naughty parts feel

"is it gay if..."

does it really matter? being gay is not a bad thing, you know?

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