So there's a bug related to "followers only" toots:

- a post that's "followers only" can be seen by people who don't follow you as of now
- it's a known bug, there's a fix coming
- I'll post an Announcement when the instance is up to date
- the problem is on the receiving side so it won't be fully fixed until other instances are up to date
- even once the fix is deployed everwhere, all the issues still won't be entirely corrected.

Hey, y'all :)
We're now in 3.2.0 :)

It has lots of stuff, but my favorites are:
- Toot visibility is now visible on the timeline
- You can now add personal notes to accounts (only visible for you)
- New audio player design
- Select an emoji with ctrl to keep the picker open

The complete notes can be seen here:

I'm still regenerating the search, so no text search for now.

-- @lewdmin

Hey folks!

I'm silencing because of issues with lack of moderation [1].
I will ban then in a week, if you still follow folks over there, you have this time to try to figure out a solution without loosing their posts.


-- @lewdmin

Hey y'all :)

We're in 3.1.3 :)

There's not a lot of big changes, most are fixes, but two are bigger:

- A redesign of the polls in the web
- Now videos are always converted to H264/mp4 and they have new limits of 60fps and max dimensions of 1920x1200px

The other changes can be seen over here:

-- @lewdmin

Hey y'all!
We're now in 3.1.1 :)

There's a lot of new stuff, my favorites are these ones:
- Now you can bookmark toots!
- Instance-wide announcements are now a thing. This post will also be put as an announcement :)

The full list of changes can be seen over here:

-- @lewdmin

Hey, y'all!
Due to paper that surfaced this weekend [1] which scraped posts from several instances without authorization, I'm enabling mastodon's "secure mode" which tries to add an extra layer of security for requests.
It might make servers pre-3.0 have troubles communicating with
If you have any troubles, let me know :)


- Dropped support for OStatus protocol, which means, there's no more way to talk to GNUSocial instances
- There's now an audio player in the UI

And a lot of more stuff, that can be seen over here:

I'm still regenerating the search. If you see any troubles, let me know!

-- @lewdmin

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Hey, y'all!
We're now in 3.0.0 :)
It's a big release and I'm going to try and highlight some things, but check the full release notes for a more complete info!

- The image posting interface was redesigned and now adding picture descriptions is much better
- The search has pagination now
- Now you can really migrate your account, both accounts need to be 3.x servers
- Custom emojis can now be categorized
- Improvements in the protocol security

Hey, y'all!

Server maintenance is over, everything should be back to normal. Let me know if something is not working as expected! ;)


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Hey, folks!
I'm doing some server maintenance and it might get a bit unstable until I finish it. I will let you know when I do!

-- @lewdmin

Hey, folks!
We're now in 2.9.3 :)
It's mostly a bugfix release, but here's some nice fixes:

- Add on-hover animation to animated custom emoji in web UI
- Add custom emoji support in profile metadata labels
- Fix filters not being applied to poll options

The full modifications can be seen here:

-- @lewdmin

Hey, folks!
We're now in 2.9.2 :)

Besides the changes coming from Mastodon, we also have a modification to allow disabling blurhash.

Between the biggest changes:
- New "simplified" mode for the web, single-column view
- Polls with CW now have the options hidden behind the CW

The full modifications on Mastodon can be seen here:

If anything doesn't work, let me know!

-- @lewdmin

Hey, folks!

We're now in 2.8.0!

There's a lot of interesting things on this one, such as:
- Featured hashtags on your profile
- Multiple picture upload on the web
- New landing page
- Follows and Followers management page over at settings

And more stuff that can be seen in details over here:

If anything looks odd or doesn't work, let me know!

-- @lewdmin

Hey, folks!

We're now in 2.7.4!

Again, it's a bugfix release, nothing very interesting, the changes can be seen here:

-- @lewdmin

Hey, y'all!

We're now in 2.7.3!

It's a bugfix release. The complete changes can be seen here:

-- @lewdmin

Hey, folks!
We're now in 2.7.2!

It's mostly a bugfix release. The ones that caught my eye:

- Fix link color and add link underlines in high-contrast theme
- Fix unicode characters in URLs not being linkified
- Fix some timeline jumps
- Change icon for unlisted visibility level
- Change error graphic to hover-to-play

The complete changes can be seen over here:

-- @lewdmin

Hi, folks!
We're now in 2.7.1!
It's mostly a bugfix release. The ones that caught my eye:
- Fix missing hotkeys for notifications
- Fixes with the volume slider in video player

The complete changes can be seen over here:

-- @lewdmin

Hi, y'all!

The maintenance is finished! We were offline for about 30 minutes. Everything went smoothly.

If you find any issues, let me know!

-- @lewdmin

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Hey, folks!

I'll be doing maintenance in the server tomorrow morning, at around 8h30 Brussels time

The maintenance should last at most for 2h, and during that time will be unavailable via web and apps.

During the maintenance window you can get in touch with me at my other @.

-- @lewdmin

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