Hey, y'all!
We're now in 3.0.0 :)
It's a big release and I'm going to try and highlight some things, but check the full release notes for a more complete info!

- The image posting interface was redesigned and now adding picture descriptions is much better
- The search has pagination now
- Now you can really migrate your account, both accounts need to be 3.x servers
- Custom emojis can now be categorized
- Improvements in the protocol security


- Dropped support for OStatus protocol, which means, there's no more way to talk to GNUSocial instances
- There's now an audio player in the UI

And a lot of more stuff, that can be seen over here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

I'm still regenerating the search. If you see any troubles, let me know!

-- @lewdmin

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