I would love to experience double penetration.

drugs, food 

In true stoner fashion, I just got chocolate on my Switch

Yes, I'm aware I'm posting to my alt about non-lewd stuff

Massive #AmazonStrike planned starting on July 16 to target #AmazonPrimeDay for #Amazon's deplorable working conditions


Solidarity with these workers and the countless people Jeff Bezos and Amazon execs exploit and oppress.


Dreamt last night that someone fucked me deep from behind and now I'm sad there's no one that will do that with me.


Love 2 b stoned and think about cute girls


Trying to get so high I forget I live in America.

sort of lewd 

Stuff about me:
1. Poly
2. Slutty
3. Really into that 🌿
4. Literal garbage (or at least that's what my brain keeps telling me)

I'm terrible at taking my own advice. I always tell my friends "post about whatever you want," but when it comes to my own posts, I think I'm being too confessional/weird and I delete drafts.


How do you gracefully ask for a threesome?


My sexual orientation is slutbomb. I will fuck anyone as long as they explode on me.


Gonna fall asleep thinking about having my pussy destroyed by as many people as possible. :blobaww:

lewd, drugs 

Gonna smoke some weed and masturbate

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