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Lewd.town rules:

  • You are not allowed to have an account if you are below 18 years old.
  • These can get your account suspended: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, able ism, xenophobia, islamophobia, etc
  • Illegal content, such as child pornography, is forbidden and will lead to suspension.
  • No Loli, Shota OR content of questionable age.
  • Harassment is not tolerated. If someone doesn't want to talk with you, move on.
  • Avatars and headers cannot be explicit. Since there's no way to tag them as sensible, there's no way for people not to see them.
  • Lewd and sexual content needs to have CW tags accordingly. We aim to be able to federate with most instances and it's good courtesy.
  • You can only post videos or photos of you, or ones which you have permission from the other people involved to post. The same goes for private chats.
  • It's forbidden to impersonate celebrities or brands. Parody accounts or fan accounts need to be explicitly identified or will be suspended.
  • Flooding (that is, posting repeatedly or posting small messages in a small interval of time) is forbidden in the public timeline. Unlisted or private posts do not need to obey this rule.
  • It's required to use content warnings when talking about traumatic subjects (i.e. rape, violence).
  • It's optional, but recommended, to use content warning around themes (and specially images) that can be sensible (food, politics, alcohol, spiders, reptiles and other common phobias).
  • Be nice to each other.
  • On crossposters:
    1. RTs and quotes cannot be posted with public visibility.
    2. Toots coming from Twitter still need to obey content warning rules. Some crossposters have options to allow that, in other cases you need to apply a more generic content warning ("From twitter"), or post with other visibility than public.
    3. Crossposters can only be used in the condition that you check your notifications. Using the site as a mirror for your twitter posts without interacting back is not allowed and will lead to account suspension.

The administration reserves the right to suspend a user for reasons that not the ones above. As a rule, any kind of violation will be followed by a first contact with the user and not the immediate suspension, but it might not be the case depending on the severity of the violation.

Our moderation team is composed by @lewdmin and @alex

We federate with most instances. The exceptions can be seen here: blocklist

💻 Server info

This instance is hosted on a VPS at Hetznet, in Germany. The images are stored in Amazon S3, in Germany.

About the admin

I'm also @renatolond. I run https://masto.donte.com.br/ and @crossposter.

Instance specifics

We plan not to go to far from the standard and currently we have these modifications:

  • Allow 500 characters in Bio
  • Local only statuses

Other infos:

Follow @status for status updates, planned downtimes, etc.

Follow @ambassador to see the most popular toots of the instance.


Use Mastodon Bridge to find people from Twitter that are in Mastodon.

Use Mastodon Twitter Crossposter to make that content posted on mastodon be sent to twitter or vice-versa.